The Genesis NFT project from Twinny Twin.
3 designs. 222 items available. 1 dream.


What is

Introducing Crib Music: House music with extra sauce

TWINESIS, (Twin+Genesis), is the first official NFT collection from Twinny Twin + 3 song instrumental EP, named after this collection including 222 total 2D animations all created by Twinny Twin. This will be the first official introduction to the House sub-genre "Crib Music", as well as the beginning of a bigger musical and artistic journey.

Crib, being slang for house, or home fits well, hint the hip-hop influence in his expression of house music. Each NFT is a representation of beginnings, encompassing the city of St. Louis, Twinny Twin's hometown, inside of his logo as a celebration of the place that is responsible for his foundation. Here's your chance to join his and the journey of others. It all starts here.

Enter the world of Crib Music
Priority access to future collectibles, & airdrops.
Early access to music before it releases.
Access to metaverse + discounted IRL events
Free digital + physical merch only available to HODLers

Roadmap 1.0

This roadmap outlines foundational goals + key checkpoints, that allow this project to give back to its HODLers + the youth in a major way.

25% SOLD.
1 ETH Donated to Sherwood Forest Camp,

which Twin attended as a camper + counselor. Donations will go towards sending young people to summer camp. This would cover roughly 50- 60 youth!

50% SOLD.
1 ETH Donated to Boys & Girls Club St. Louis,

which Twin taught Digital Art, and counseled for 2 years. Donations would go to processing fees for parents sending their kids to camp + after school programs.

75% SOLD.
1 ETH Donated to McCluer High School

theatre program, which Twin participated gaining Thespian status. Donations would cover meals for a week for 1 production.

90% SOLD.
501c3 development

with the intention creating a physical space used as an art & music gallery, a safe place for artists + a hub for creative learning + events.

100% SOLD OUT.
Future Drops + Moving Forward

Each HODLer will receive a digital + physical copy of the TWINESIS EP. Once sold out the 2.0 roadmap will be released to show over 2 years of built in efforts + utilities.

Each NFT will become more valuable as you HODL. Your journey with Twinny Twin will be tracked via your NFT, with a percentage of completion until final form, a new song + background with each level change + a title change for each checkpoint you successfully reach.

Your journey has begun. You have opened the mind.

You're making progress, the vibe is moving through your body.

Almost at final form. So close you can feel it in your soul.

You are locked in, ride-or-die status, a real VIP.


Each NFT is has been completely created  by Twinny Twin, from music, illustration,  to animation included in each. Each color gives a special utility that HODLers will be able to take advantage of for quite a while!



Randal Herndon, also known as Twinny Twin, a full time illustrator + musician based in Phoenix, Arizona has over a decade of being an artist + educator. Daring to remain different as a black House DJ/producer and true to the music he loves, moved from St. Louis to AZ, in 2018 to pursue growth and opportunities in a new environment. Twin is also a 2nd degree blackbelt in Taekwondo, an uncle of 6 nieces and nephews, and yes actually a twin.

Having much success in both music + design, gaining over 150,000 collective streams, teaching thousands of students, launching multiple national brands and working with countless youth, Twin has decided it's time to bring his wealth of knowledge full circle. The ultimate goal bring new creative opportunities and spaces to communities + youth that don't have the access or resources parallel to releasing dope music to the world. Join the Discord for updates + more.


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